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. >> there is a jim holmes of aurora, colorado age on the tea party site. >> as has abc's error affected your trust in journalism? the movie theater massacre gave politicians and the press another chance to tackle the second amendment and rally for a change in gun laws. are the news media becoming too predictable on the issues? >> you didn't build that that. >> the president's words still in the news as are mitt romney. which candidate are the mainstream media protecting and which one is getting roasted? and who is this little boy and how did his store arery change news coverage? >> on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. rich lowry, editor of the national review. jim pinkerton, contributing editor of the american conservative magazine and daily beast editor, kirsten powers. i'm jon scott. it has been over a week now since we all learned of the terrible news, reports out of aurora, colorado describing a shooting massacre at a late night showing of a batman movie. news organizations scrambled to report the horrific details but not everyone got it right. >> i want to go t
if this is the same jim holmes but it is jim holmes of colorado. >> that was brian ross talking to george stephanopoulos on "good morning america." of course, it was not the jim holmes. on a scale of one to five if five is completely lacking in journalistic credibility where would you put this one? >> six. i mean and here is why. not only did they get it wrong, not only did brian ross use that great journalistic tool of going toll find this guy jim holmes but then they put brian ross that night on abc world news at 6:30 p.m. and did a completely different story about the shooting and never apologized. didn't apologize during the day. owed not only the viewer but also mr. holmes the innocent one a full retraction on the air. this goes into too good to check, couldn't wait, didn't even apologize. >> does nobody stop and think maybe we ought to check this out before we go to air with it? >> that is the interesting question about this episode. everybody makes mistakes but where were the editors? where were the people who would say maybe we ought not to put that on the air whether until we fou
evening. most everyone who saw james holmes in court on monday wo wondered about his mental state or whether he was medicated. he looked like he didn't know he was there. he wasn't following the lmes'rsation, and when the judge asked him a question, holmes' lawyer jumped in before he could weak. well, tonight, we have learned that holmes was, in fact, under the care of a psychiatrist defore he allegedly opened fire nc the audience in a movie theater in colorado, killing 12 and wounding 43. anna werner has the late- breaking details at the arapahoe county jail where holmes is held pu solitary confinement tonight. >> reporter: a motion filed by james holmes' public defender reveals that holmes was under the care of psychiatrist lin fenton. dr. fenton is the medical director of student mental health services at the university of colorado denver anschutz medical campus. holmes was a graduate student at the school. harlier this week, school iaficials said students were monitored by mental health amecialists. >> the faculty and program leadership meet on a regular basis to discuss how t
development in the mass shooting at a colorado theater. the suspect james holmes was seeing a doctor who specializes in schizophrenia. drew griffin is with cnn's special investigations unit. >> according to his attorney in colorado the 24-year-old accused of killing 12 and gunning down dozens of others was seeing a psychiatrist at the time of the shooting. it's a huge development that stems from that package that was mailed to a professor at the university of colorado's aurora campus on monday. according to a motion filed in colorado, just yesterday, that professor was actually james holmes' psychiatrist, dr. lynn fenton the head of student medical health services at the university of colorado's aurora campus and according to holmes' attorney mr. holmes was a psychiatric patient of dr. fenton and his communications with her are protected. that attorney is now trying to get ahold of that package and the contents of which according to cbs news supposedly describe how holmes would kill people. the information is privileged according to holmes' attorney, confidential, and should not be in th
tracking down the psychiatrist who was see ing colorado shooter james holmes. the question, what did she know and what did she obligate to report. >>> and the newest bond girl -- >> good evening, mr. bond. >>> the story behind that amazing cameo everyone is talking about. >>> good evening. david is on assignment tonight. the first full day of olympic competition is now in the recordbooks and there are some stunning results to report. and take a look at this photo. it says it all. 14-time gold medal swimmer michael phelps in disbelief. almost failing to qualify for an event he won during the last two olympics. meanwhile, the u.s. women's soccer team advanced to the semifinals with a powerful show of skill and team spirit. for more on that and all of the other olympic highlights we turn to abc's jeffery kofman in london tonight. good evening jeffery. >> reporter: sharyn, good evening to you from olympic park. of the 12 gold medals up for grabs on the first day of competition, the u.s. snagged two but the results left at least a few americans in shock. as expected an american won gold in th
this week wondered about his mental state or whether he was medicated. it turns out james holmes was under the care of a psychiatrist before the attack cbs reporter in a warner with this morning the doctor was treating him. in those and filed by james holmes public defender reveals that helms was under the care of psychiatrist lynn benson dr. fenton is the medical director of student mental health services at the university of colorado denver into medical campus homes is a graduate student at the school. earlier this week school officials said students were monitored by mental health specialists. >>> the faculty in program leadership knies of a regular basis to discuss how the students doing this dies in a difficult students. and pakistan buy homes to dr. denton was recovered by police in the school mailroom on monday. sources said the package contained a letter written by homes that describes shooting people. it is unclear what when he said the package holmeses lawyers said the discovery of the letter should never have been made public. it has a contained communications from mr. holmes a
, tsunami's fault. did you know that tom cruise and katie holmes broke up? and everything under the sun and they're not buying it. >> you know, if not for obama, that marriage would be okay. what do you make of that, ben stein, not the katie holmes-- >> i studied a lot of years at universities, i had no idea na tom cruise had an affect on the stock market. i want to thank charles for that. i think it's a close race and i don't think that romney is a particularly exciting candidate, but people are disgusted with the fact that mr. obama promised so much and delivered nothing, nothing. >> julian, the political, the polls have been close, and tight ones and carter reagan comes to mind and then we know they broke loose for reagan, right, almost the day before the election. can you see a phenomena like that for either candidate? >> no, and i don't think the normal practice of the challenger getting the undecides is going to occur this time. i mean, look, if you look the at the polls of polls, look at what nate silver has done, right out of 49 out of 50 states in the 2008 election most of the
his mental state or whether he was medicated it turns out james holmes was under the care of a psychiatrist before the attack cbs reporter and a warner with more on the doctor who is treating him. a motion filed by james holds public defender reveals that he was under the care is a crisis and then send dr. fans and the is the medical director of student mental health services at the university of colorado denver and the medical campus homes as a graduate student at the school. earlier this week school officials said students were monitored by mental health specialists. the faculty and program leadership me down a regular basis to discuss how the students are doing the stars and difficult students. a package sent by a homeless to dr. fenton was recovered by police in the schoolroom on monday. sources say the package contained a letter written by holmes a describes shooting people it's unclear when holmes sent package. holmeses lawyers say the discovery of the letter should never have been made public because it contains communications from mr. holmes a doctor fenton that mr
in the colorado movie theater massacre. the suspect, james holmes, was being treated by a psychiatrist at the university of colorado before the shooting that took 12 lives and injured steps more. there are also reports that holmes sent the psychiatrist a notebook that may contain possible damning evidence. next hour we'll talk about what a doctor can and cannot legally do in cases like this or potentially report to authorities even. >>> and now to the victims of that rampage. services today for three of the 12 people killed in that crowded movie theater just over a week ago, the victims include naval petty officer john larimer from illinois, matt mcquinn from ohio who died saving his girlfriend from gunfire, and an aspiring sports reporter jessica ghawi from texas. powerful words from ghawi's brother during her service in san antonio today. >> i just wanted to leave with you two things. if this coward could is done this with this much hate, imagine what we can do with this much love. and the other thing is if you're putting your dreams on hold, you stop that right now. you chase those
james holmes. his legal team's file yesterday revealed he was a psychiatric patient and was seeing a university of colorado doctor. we'll have those details coming up. the doctor was an expert in schizophrenia. you have to wonder if she saw signs he could possibly do it. >> fairly or not, people asking if she could have perhaps stopped it. >>> the woman who admitted to hiring hitmen, yes, hitmen, plural, to kill her ex-lover's socialite wife, no less than three times she did this. she's cut a plea deal. she's going to be going to prison. why is the intended victim so furious? that story is coming up. >>> we start with the opening ceremonies. a quirky, clamorous pageant. they loaded it with the queen to mr. bean, sir paul to the woman who invested harry potter. bill weir is covering the games for abc news. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, dan. so great to be back on "gma" week end, especially since it's noon here in gorge london. the city still buzzing after last night. it was everything you might expect from a land that gave us shakespeare, the sex pistols and monty python.
-old james holmes, was seeing a psychiatrist at the university of colorado in the weeks before the shooting. carol leonnig is covering this for "the washington post," and i spoke with her a short time ago. carol thank you for vote be taken by yeas and nays. you. tell us about the new informing yoinforming-- informing you have been reporting on this afternoon. >> it shows that holmes the suspect in the shooting in colorado was seeing a psychotherapist or psychologist in his university where he was a grad eighgraduate student. she was a medical director for the out patient clinic for mental health treatment for students. and she was seeing him for sometime before this tragic event. >> first of all how did this information come out? >> this information comes to us, we have been working on a lead about this exact piece of information and had been asking the university for a few days about it. it came d to light and not confirmed by the university by by a motion in a court record in which the public defender who is representing james holmes in this case argued that the information about his conn
" tomorrow. thank you. >>> now to the shocker in the movie theater massacre, we learned james holmes was under a doctor's care at the time of the attack. a psychiatrist with a chilling specialty, schizophrenia. abc's clayton sandell has all the details. >> reporter: today we learned james holmes, 24-year-old accused mass murderer, was also a psychiatric patient. while attending graduate school at the university of colorado, this court filing from his attorney reveals holmes was a patient of dr. lynne fenton, who, according to her website, specializes in schizophrenia. the defense is upset that leaks to the media revealed a package holmes sent to fenton, claiming the notebook in that package and whatever it reveals, is protected by doctor-patient confidentiality. the question now, what, if anything, did holmes' psychiatrist know? and if there were warnings aboutas she required to speak up? >> if a psychology or psychiatrist feels someone they're treating may pose a threat, in most states they are obligated to do something. >> reporter: also today, we learned in
lawyers for holmes are asking authorities to hand over a package that holmes had sent to his psychiatrist. this package was discovered in the university's medical campus mailroom on monday. and it included a letter that contained references to shooting people and drawings of a gunman and his victims. according to cbs news. we now know the package was addressed to dr. lynne fenton, the director of student mental health at the university of colorado. a resume posted on the university's website says fenton sees between 15 to 20 graduate students each week for medication and psychotherapy. she also serves as a psychiatrist, seeing between 5 and 10 patients according, again, to that resume. in a court filing, holmes public defender said, quote, the materials contained in that package include communications from mr. holmes to dr. fenton that mr. holmes asserts are privileged. mr. holmes was a psychiatric patient of dr. fenton and his communications with her are protected. "outfront" tonight, drew griffin, who has been investigating this story. good to see you. let me just ask you what you think
holmes, was under a psychiatrist's care. anna werner has more from colorado. >> any questions about that -- >> in his first court appearance, james holmes appeared disconnected from his surroundings. many questioned his mental status. now a motion filed by holmes' public defender shows he was being treated by a psychiatrist from his university, dr. lynn fenton. fenton is the medical director at the university of colorado denver anschutz medical campus where holmes was a medical student. she's also the person who he sent a package to. cbs sources say the package contained a letter written by holmes that described shooting people. holmes' lawyers now say the discovery of the letter should never have been made public because it contained communications from mr. holmes to dr. fenton that mr. holmes asserts are privileged. >> meanwhile, the victims of last friday's shooting are being remembered at funerals and memorial services. one of those killed was 18-year-old a.j. boik who just graduated high school in may. those who knew him well, family and friends, attended a church service frida
, that professor was actually james holmes' psychiatrist, dr. lynn fenton. she is the head of student medical health services at the university of colorado's aurora campus. and according to holmes' attorney, mr. holmes was a psychiatric patient of dr. fenton and his communications with her are protected. that attorney is now trying to get ahold of that package and the contents of which, according to cbs news, supposedly describe how holmes would kill people. the information is privileged, according to holmes' attorney, confidential and should not be in the hands of the police. > now, i want to tell you this, on monday, school officials, including the campus police chief did answer some questions. and i want you to specifically listen to this exchange i had with the police chief regarding holmes' interaction with the campus security. >> did your department or any of your officers have any interaction with this student whatsoever? >> we -- i don't have any information on him at all. >> did you do a records check on him? >> yes. and as you already know, i think there was a traffic ticket from au
. the suspected shooter james holmes was until this june a graduate student at the university of colorado and a highly demanding neuro science program. a lot of people have been asking me, do you know what was happening inside his brain, in his mind? and also if a colleague or family member were ever going to possibly pose a danger, would you know it? what would you do about it? clinical psychologist javier amador is the author of "i am not sick i don't need help." thanks for joining us. i do want to talk about what some of the warning signs might be. there is a lot of mystery surrounding james holmes still. you know, the university of colorado said very little. all we know is he left his neuro science program in june. he did badly on an oral exam but was not forced out of school. the school has told the students and faculty not to talk with reporters, which is understandable. but a lot of people have asked, could this have been predicted in any way? can this sort of thing have happened essentially in a very short time or even overnight? what do you think about that? >> very unlikely over
some shocking new information about the colorado theater shooting suspect james holmes. we've been hearing conflicting reports about a package that he allegedly sent to his psychiatst before the shooting. cbs is reporting that package contained details about how he planned on killing people. now there's a legal battle over that package and whatever was inside it. jim spellman sounds the jail in aurora, kol california, for us this morning. good morning, jim. so what is this assertion of privilege that lawyers are talking about? >> so what the defense is saying is that the writings in this book were sent from holmes to his psychiatrist, a woman named dr. lynn fenton and that those are doctor-patient communications and should be privileged. it's a little complicated in general about how that works because if potentially there was something in it that alluded to putting people in danger, then the doctor would have to write to -- would have the requirement to report that to police. but we don't know what's in it at this point. but what the defense is saying is that we're reading all the
papers showing james holmes was a patient of university of colorado psychiatrist before last week's attack. the same doctor that received a package from holmes that was seized by police after a search warrant. holmes is claiming he has amnesia and doesn't remember the attacks that killed 12 and injured more than 50 others. i'm anna kooiman, now back to cavuto on business. >> welcome back, never mind the savings, just look at the hiking. the congressional budget office saying that the president's health care law with small businesses with 4 billion in new fees and taxes, charles you say forget the savings, you're by the 4 million in added fees. >> i think it's going to be more than that. cbo has been manipulated so much, i hate to say this, they've lost a lot of credibility. >> and young man-- >> i'm trying to be. >> when they release numbers that philosophical and-- >> all right. >> fair is fair. >> until then let's let common sense rule the day. this obamacare thing is going to specifically destroy the small businesses, the small business job creators and you know what? there's n
to police. he's identified as 24-year-old james holmes. a student in the process of withdrawing from the university of colorado's neuroscience ph.d. program. hoesms holmes, who lives just four miles from the movie theater, tells police he's left a bomb in his third floor apartment. >> we're not sure what we're dealing with in the home. they appear to be incendiary devices. there's some chemical elements there. there's also some incendiary elements. they're linked together with all kinds of wires. as a layman, it's not something i've ever seen before. >> hard to imagine. an apartment wired to kill first responders. or anyone who came through that door with enough improvised explosives to potentially take down the building. the suspect was deprived of that sick pleasure. as we've been trying to do all week, we're trying to deprive him of anything that might please him and highlighting the people who truly matter. the people who history should remember. people like rebecca wingo. a mom of two. she was multitalented. multilingual. she devoured books in a single sitting and was putting he
details about the suspect. his lawyers revealing, james holmes was seeing a psychiatrist, even as police say he was plotting to commit mass murder. our report tonight from nbc's mike taibbi. >> reporter: one after the other, the victims shot dead for the simple reason that they chose to see a movie have been laid to rest. rebecca, a local mother of two in her own home town. >> rebecca was full of life and light. >> reporter: matt mcquinn buried in ohio. john layer more in illinois. >> my heart is breaking and i will miss him. >> reporter: a.j. remembered in aurora. jonathan to be buried. jessica brought home to san antonio. >> you don't know how long you have here. >> reporter: for the 58 victims who were shot but survived, including steven barton now back home in connecticut, these are days spent healing. >> i was holding on to my neck to staunch the bleeding. >> reporter: and reflecting on what brought them to this theater at just the wrong time. a theater whose owners are now offering to pay funeral expenses for those killed. for barton and boyhood pals, it was a bicycle trip to disco
did or did not get reported to authorities? and the fact that james holmes was seeing a psychiatrist at the time of the shooting only raises more speculation. drew griffin, cnn, atlanta. >> all right. this development does indeed raise a lot more questions about what a medical professional like a psychiatrist can or cannot do in terms of a lerting authorities. our guest is a bioethicist at new york university and has just completed a project on ethics and mental health. good to see you. if a psychiatrist has reason to believe a patient is a potential threat to himself or herself or others can or should that medical professional tell law enforcement or a third party? >> well, there is a strong presumption of privacy. if you're in the mental health area you're going to hear a lot of people say some terrible things, maybe even make threats. but if you believe that your patient is a real risk and you have an identified person or persons or a place that he might do something, and you think that he's going to do something right away or soon, you do have a duty to warn. we have a lot of cou
. james holmes was seeing a psychiatrist before the rampage. this information coming to light as two of the victims are laid to rest. elizabeth has more details. >> reporter: the court filings reveals that james was under the care of a doctor. he doesn't reveal the extent of the treatment but it does say she was the intended recipient of that package which was confiscated by investigators. media reports reveal that dr. franklin was reprimanded by the colorado medical board for prescribing medication to family members while not keeping up updated medical charts. meanwhile, the profiling, to get that notebook will be addressed monday during his arraignment. he faces 12 counts of first-degree murder charges and many more depending on the district attorney carol chambers. >> we want to see how aggressive they want to be. if you charge first degree and serious bodily injury for a bunch of victims there is a lot of medical records and lots of doctors. the trial could stretch out to epic proportions. >> meanwhile, today is mourning for people here in the city have colorado but across the na
information emerges. >>> a clear picture of the man accused in the colorado shooting. james holmes was seeing a psychiatrist while attending the university of colorado. there was a notebook addressed to the doctor. in it, the 24-year-old reportedly described what he was planning. holmes is expected to be arraigned on 12 counts of murder monday. >>> police are flooded with tips tonight in the abduction of cal ripken's mother. the kidnapped remains on the loose. >>> thousands of people in maryland and across the country may have been infected with hepatitis c. he was a serial inif he serial infecter. authorities say he stole a powerful painkiller and exposed patients to the virus. it's called drug aversion. he contaminated the syringe and then injected into the patient passing on the virus. the parents say he took a lot of prescription drugs and worried about behavior that was unusual. >> observed him sweating, observed him red-faced, bloodshot and according to one witness, unfit to provide medical care. >> once infected, the virus travels through the bloodstream and infects the liver. it can d
. >>> gracias, buenas noches. >>> james holmes, el hombre acusado dde matar a 12 personas y de herir a 58 en colorado, estaba recibiendo un tratamiento siquiátrico, holmes era paciente ede la doctora linn fenton, de la universidad donde estudió, además, el asesino múltiple envió un papel a la doctora, donde estaba el plan de lo que cometió. >>> también se detuvo a un segundo joker, en cuya vivienda había 20 fusiles, el hombre se había inspirado de la reciente matanza de colorado, prescott había amenazado a una persona con asesinarlo,además dijo que era un joker, en el momento del arresto, el hombre llevaba una camiseta que decía, las armas no matan gente, las mato yo. ,>>> un informe del departamento de justicia indica que 725 mil armas serían compradas legalmente en el 2012 en ese estado, lo que es casi el doble de los 320 mil fusiles comprados hace 6 años. >>> el fbi dijo que está considerando investigar a la policía de anaheim después de varios tiroteos, hoy nuevamente la policía disparó contra un sospechoso en el caso de un robo, la policía encontró a un ladrón, que
'm kelly wright. according to newly released court documents accused shooter james holmes was being treated by a psychiatrist at the time of the attack. meantime families of some of the victims laying loved ones to rest today. eliz prann live in aurora colorado with the details. >> reporter: a little over a week. the make shift memorial continues to grow as fem people leaving gifts and lighting candles for people that died. five victims in area hospitals in jet cal condition. 11 people still seeking treatment. people here in aurora, colorado and across the country continue to mourn as the tune rales continue. jessica the aspiring sports journalist will be buried today in her hometown in texas. she narrowly escaped death in a shooting in toronto. matt will be laid to rest in springfield, ohio. one of the three men hailed as heros for shielding his girlfriend from gun fire. and jesse childress will have a memorial service at buckley air force base. in a motion filed by james holmes defense teams they want investigators to turn over the notebook that holmes sent to dr. lin fenton. the prosecut
news at ten. 3 according to documents filed by his attorneys...colora do shooting suspect james holmes was being treated by a psychiatrist. records even show that holmes mailed a package to his doctors that has since been taken by police...for fear that the package could be rigged with explosives. investigators are also analyzing a notebook believed to be written by holmes..where they found plans for a massacre...including drawings of a stick-figure gunman mowing down his victims. holmes is expected to make his second court appearance monday. a new movie that contains a violent shoot-out at a theater will not be released this fall. that decision comes directly from the movie massacre fallout. fallout.warner brothers announced it will postpone the release of the movie ágangster squadá. it was originally set to hit theaters in september but will be released early next year. the movie containn a scene that shows gangsters shooting automatic weapons into a crowded movie theater. today reverend jesse jackson met with some of the shooting victims...calling for a ban on assault weapons. "e
formal charges against the suspect in the colorado movie theater shooting and we've learned james holmes was under psychiatric care before last week's massacre. providing that care, dr. lynn fen ton. she's a medical director of student mental health services at the university of colorado where holmes had been a grad student. >> the faculty and program leadership meet on a regular basis to discuss how the students are doing. the stars and the did i have cull students. >> on monday, a bomb squad robot retrieved a package from the school's mail room. it was from holmes addressed to dr. fen ton. sources tell cbs news, the package contained a letter and drawing of a man with a gun and shooting victims. >>> new information tonight about jesse jackson, jr., the mayo clinic says he is being treated in rochester, minnesota. this is the first information about the congressman's condition and where about since he disappeared on medical leave several weeks ago. jackson is also said to be undergoing treatment for gastrointestinal issues. >> another steamer of a day out there today, but most of us
about the psychiatrist that treated alleged shooter james holmes. we are getting information on the doctor in colorado. the phone calls were not rurped. we are trying to figure out whether jameless holmes was treated. but she was the intended recipient of the package including the notebook earlier in the week whether or not we'll learn what is in the notebook may come in holmes arraignment where we will learn his charges. he will not be required to file a formal plea but he could plea insanity. >> i expect they will pursue insanut yethere is no other defense it is not a who done it and clearliitated. the prosecution had to prove it beyond a reasonable and that could be challenging. and under colorado law, harris, if the doctor folce like their client is giving information, they are require tod go to the authorities. >> so many people sending good thoughts to the people of aurora . how is the community doing tonight? >> there is a one step at a time. there is a memorial over my shoulder and we have seen it grow. you can really feel the sorrow from visitors and hear the hums of
in the case of mr. holmes. sudden change in functioning, withdrawal, becoming isolated, sometimes that can be confused for depression. the easiest way to find out is engage the person, talk to them. ask them about the change in their behavior. spending a lot of time alone. how are you feeling? feeling sad or blue? >> it's interesting because i think that particular issue has had a lot of people wondering this week -- many people with mental illness may not recognize they themselves have it and they also refuse offers of help. how do you -- how hard should an average person push? say it's a family member for example. what is someone to do? >> well, i'll speak first personally as a family member i had a brother, my brother henry who had schizophrenia and his illness emerged very slowly. i was 21. he was 28. he had actually been ill since about the age of 24. i thought his problem was he was lazy. he was giving up on life. he was immature. in fact, he was exhibiting what are called the common negative symptoms of schizophrenia. for example, when i looked at mr. holmes at his arraignment, i sa
the notebook that holmes sent. dr. fenton was disciplined in 2004 for prescribing medication for herself and family and colleagues lawyers are preparing on monday's arraignment. we'll learn the extent of the charges against holmes. on monday. carol chambers has to announce what charges she is bringing. potentially we are talking about over 100 charges and 12 counts was first degree murder and 58 counts of attempted first degree murder. and first degree assault. >> there are no cameras in the courtroom on monday, uma, we expect that will acknowledge he understands thes but don't expect him to speak at all. >> thank you for the update. >> one of the victims of last week's shooting is happily reunited with his family. derec got a welcome home from his friend family in raleigh, carolina yesterday. >> it is very, very much. good to see my brother and cousin. >> he and his girlfriend were in the theater 9. he fled the theater and ran back in after he realized his ghirl friend was not behind him. neither derec or his girlfriend were hurt in the shooting. >> another mayor is slamming chick-fil-a
to it. -- with no way to get mate-- for it to explode. >> james holmes was being treated but to rise -- pot by a psychiatrist at the university of colorado. he sent the university a package. it is unclear whether this package was sent before the attack. meanwhile other victims will be laid to rest today. witnesses said that's a match say to his girl friend's life-- matt safe his girlfriend by diving in front of her. >> we will have the latest details about the colorado shooting on our web site. you can also check our facebook page and twitter. ride >> then beat official figures are not being released but plain clothes police officers are pretending to be fans of both teams. we'll have the highlights from the weekend games from the dodgers and the dense forest. >> the olympic games or on under way. take a look at that. danny boyle was in charge of the $42 million celebration. 31 of the things is they made it look like a queen of england parachuted into the stadium. sooner or when michael phelps barely qualified this morning >> we had someone buy a bag of candy in the got more than
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